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The Antler King® brand Radish is a member of the brassica family and is cold tolerant, easy to establish, fast growing and provides a fantastic warm and cold season food source for whitetail deer.  The “greens” of the Radish are packed with protein (20-30%) and vitamins and will produce plenty of tonnage, while the long white tap root can grow to be 24-30″ and will provide energy-rich nutrients for your deer and natural tillage in deeply compacted soils.  Radishes are extremely versatile and will grow in a wide variety of soil types, conditions and environments, making them a favorite across the U.S.  Like other brassicas, a hard frost will create a molecular change resulting in increased sugar content of the leaves and tap root and will increase deer activity and consumption.  Radishes can be planted in the Spring (once soil temps are above 50) or in the late Summer (July-October) and work as a great Fall and Winter food source in the Southern US and a Summer, Fall and Winter food source in the North, Northeast and Midwest.  Radishes prefer a soil pH of between 5.5-7.0, can grow well in dry, sandy and rocky conditions and can be planted on their own or mixed with grains or other brassicas.

  • pH tolerant and can grow in pH range 5.5-7.0
  • Easy to establish and fast growing
  • Drought and weather tolerant
  • 1 lb. covers approximately 1/10 acre
  • 15-30% protein depending on soil quality
  • High-Energy tap root when the weather gets cold
  • Plant seeds 1/4’=1/2″ or less
  • 13-13-13 or 19-19-19 at 200-300 lbs. per acre


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