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This special variety of Antler King® brand Kale is a member of the brassica family and is extremely cold tolerant, easy to establish and provides a fantastic cool season food source for your deer.  Kale is packed with protein (20-30%) and vitamins and can produce up to 10 tons of forage per acre.  Kale will grow best in cooler climates as the plant’s leaves will sweeten as the temps get colder.  Like other brassicas, a frost will create a molecular change and further sweeten the leaves and increase attraction.  Kale is best planted from July through October and works as a great Fall and Winter forage crop in the Southern US and a Summer, Fall and Winter forage crop in the North, Northeast and Midwest.  Kale prefers lighter soils; sandy, sandy loam or light clay and will perform best in a pH ranging from 5.5-7.0.  Kale is a great food source planted on it’s own or mixed with grains or other brassicas.  When planning your food plot program this year, including this special variety of Antler King® brand Kale will add more variety and help create a smorgasbord to keep more deer on your property all season long.

  • pH tolerant and can grow in pH range 5.5-7.0
  • Easy to establish and fast growing
  • Drought and weather tolerant
  • 1 lb. covers approximately 1/8 acre
  • 15-30% protein depending on soil quality
  • Plant seeds 1/8″ or less
  • 13-13-13 or 19-19-19 at 100-200 lbs. per acre


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