Planting food plots is the single most effective way of attracting, growing, and keeping deer on your property. When thinking about what and where to plant, you should strive to plant between five and ten percent of your total acreage with as much variety in plant species as possible. Also strive to have a Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter food source on your property to keep your herd coming to your property year round.

Whether you have been planting for years or it is your first time, following these seven easy steps will ensure that you maximize your food plot potential. Planting a successful food plot will attract, grow, keep deer on your property and offer your deer a nutrient rich diet. Deer need protein, energy and minerals and vitamins on a daily basis to achieve maximum antler growth and body size.

Antler King® food plot seeds may offer the deer the protein and energy they need, but you can also offer mineral rich supplements like Antler King’s® TROPHY DEER MINERAL, POWER RACK, APPLE BURST DEER MINERAL along with Antler King’s® HI PROTEIN BIG BLOCK, ENERGY PLUS WILDLIFE BLOCK and APPLE BURST MINERAL BLOCK,  these products can offer your deer the minerals and vitamins they need to maximize antler growth and body size.

For more information about the 7 Easy Steps to creating Food Plots, Download Food Plots in 7 Easy Steps and Supplemental Feeding