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    • Yes we do Todd. We have plenty of varieties…some are best in Spring/Summer (Red Zone) some are best in Fall/Winter (Honey Hole, Fall/Winter/Spring, etc.) and some live and provide food year round (Trophy Clover Mix, Game Changer Clover). Be happy to answer any questions you have on them.

    • You can plant perennial or annual plots in Spring or Late Summer…but a lot of times it will depend on the plant varieties you are planting. For instance, Trophy Clover Mix…I like to plant in the Spring…our Red Zone annual mix I also like to plant in Spring. Now with my Fall Hunt Plots I like to plant those in the late summer or early fall…Honey Hole, Slam Dunk, Lights Out, etc. because they are fast growing. Let us know if you have additional questions. Thanks!

  1. I just got into a new hunting club and I’m wanting to plant food plots. Each member has about 100 acres to hunt. I do alot of bow hunting but I will have 1 box stand for my wife and son. I need to know what to plant for bow season and for my rifle stand. I hunt in North East louisiana. How big should should I make my bow stand plot and how big should I make my rifle plot

    • Sounds like an awesome set-up! What do you have for equipment to get these plots ready? And how big do you intend each plot to be? Also, when is your preferred time to plant these plots? In regards to size, you can make them as big as you want…but more food will hold more deer. I would personally try and get some Trophy Clover established right away (March-April)..unless you have a ton of prep work to do and your pH is low…if it’s low, you will want to apply lime and get that pH up (between 6-7) prior to planting. But Trophy Clover would be a great perennial mix, high in protein that can probvide all year long and would make a great bow hunting plot. A couple other plots that will work really well for you are Slam Dunk, Lights Out and Honey Hole…I would incorporate some of the Slam Dunk into your Bow plot, but I would just plant it in September, so it is fresh and growing for bow season….then in your rifle plot I would focus on Honey Hole and Lights Out and again plant those in September. I hope this helps, if you have additional questions please let us know or contact us directly. Thanks and happy planting!!

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