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  1. Hey guys,
    I have 50 acres of property. 40 acres of it is a mixture of soft mossy bottom and the some is swamp. I was wondering if it is possible to plant and do a food plot on a mossy bottom in the middle of the woods. What im looking to do is build a 1 acre food plot in the middle of the property. Its very thick so i would need to cut alot of trees down but it would have alot of thick cover around the plot. But before i do my cutting i would like to know if anything will grow in there with it being lower and mossy floor bottoms. Thoughts??

    Thank you

    • Tyler
      I would want you to test your pH first in that area and see what you’re working with. Then we would want to get some lime down, improve the soil and cut some trees. We do have some clover and rye mixes that would work in that area, but it will take some work to get the site ready for planting. If it’s my property, I’m going to put in the work to cut trees and improve soil…because it sounds like an awesome spot! Then I would look at mixes like No Sweat, Fall/Winter/Spring and Game Changer Clover.

  2. Good evening kyle,
    The first thing you need to do is establish a year around food source like a clover or clover chicory mix, it is very important to have a perennial mix such as clover on your property to give the deer year around food, now for your annual fall plots can you tell me about your plot area? Like how much sun it may get and soil type in your area

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