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The Brassica Blitz — 7 Comments

    • Thanks Jim, we appreciate the kind words! Wanted to shed a little light on why Brassicas are so popular and so effective…they really provide so much to your Deer Management Program.

  1. Great article,can’t wait to get planting as the fall hunt prep work begins and we set our sights on giving the deer what helps them get through another season growing to their trophy potential.

  2. Mike with the drought we’ve had & a late summer is it to late to plant brassicas here in central Alabama ? Field is ready to plant 11-26-16

    • Hi Randy! I’ve had clients planting brassicas, oats and our fall winter spring right now in Alabama…since they were finally able to get some rain. I would definitely take the risk at this point to provide the plots for my deer in the Winter months. Mother Nature will have to cooperate in order for it to be successful, but I’d like to think there is plenty of moisture, sun and warm weather ahead for a successful plot! Good luck.

  3. What type of fertilizer should I use on the no sweat plots? I planted mine in the early spring down in Ga. (we have had a warm winter/Spring) Will the deer eat them throughout the summer? I also planted trophy clover. I wanted to supplement the brassicas to give them time to mature.

    • Hi Tim,

      Typically with No Sweat I will use a 13-13-13 fertilizer on it to provide nutrients and optimize growth. It’s a great mix of early, mid and late season food. Typically the deer will eat the No Sweat mix throughout the summer as the plant varieties offer good protein levels as it is growing and is a very nice way to supplement your Trophy clover plot. thanks again!

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