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Hunting the 5 Phases of “The Rut” — 19 Comments

  1. Hey my name is charles located in Delaware and I just bought a deer drip and I am planning to put golden deer estrus in it. When would be a good time to put it out ?

    • I would get that out now Charles…the first does have or will soon go into Estrous and typically the mature deer around your area will want to be the first ones to find that first doe that will go into estrous. It will also be a great draw the remainder of the breeding season. But if you haven’t already, I would get that out there. Good luck!

  2. Hey my name is Michael and I this to know about the rut and pre rut and some very good cover sent and I would like to know if I make a fake scrap and a rub what would the deer will think and I am going to hunt on the ground and I need to know how can I hide good so the deer want see me and the sent like cover sent do you put it all way around your hunting area. I would like to know whats the best kind of cover sent.

    • People have a lot of success with mock scrapes. Cover Scent, hunting the wind and using a ground blind made of logs and brush is a great way to sneak in close for a shot! Good luck.

  3. That is very helpful your on your game I’m 37 have hunted 20 years on my Owen but still make mistakes thanks for your HELP !!!!!!

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  5. I am not a hunter. I live in a wooded area with lots of deer and enjoy watching them year round. However they do a lot of tree damage this time of year. I refuse to fence the trees year round but am thinking about temporary fences during the rut. I live in North California. What months do you think i would need to do this for??

    • I would definitely focus on hunting near a food source, this time of year the bucks are trying to gain back everything that they have lost during the rut.

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