In 1987, Todd Stittleburg, Founder and owner of Antler King Trophy Products Inc., developed and started marketing the very first of many Antler King products.

ANTLER KING TROPHY DEER MINERAL was that first product and has been our “flagship” product ever since, as it is the #1 selling deer mineral on the market today.  Todd was working as an animal nutritionist for one of the largest feed companies in North America at the time, while spending every minute of his spare time was on researching and studying deer and elk nutrition.  From day 1 all of our products have been designed with a couple things in mind: to attract deer and provide the highest level of nutrition available, to ensure your success and to help Grow Bigger Bucks and Healthier Deer.

Within the next few years, due to extensive and ongoing research, ANTLER KING TROPHY DEER/ ELK PELLETS, HI PROTEIN BIG BUCK BLOCK, and the first food plot mix , ANTLER KING TROPHY CLOVER MIX, were all added to the Antler King family of products designed to grow BIGGER BUCKS and HEALTHIER DEER.

Throughout the next 20 plus years, the commitment to research and development of Feed products, Seed products for Food plots, do it your self Soil Test kits, Tilling equipment for Food Plots, and Attractants have continued.  As we now offer a full line of feed, seed, mineral, block, attractants and liquid products to help you maximize the potential of the deer herd on your hunting property.
Antler King’s focus has ALWAYS been to develop and provide products, advice, and proven PROGRAMS that will GROW, ATTRACT, and KEEP deer on your property. We take pride in offering quality products PERIOD! Whether it is the seed varieties in our food plot mixes, or the ingredients that make up our Feed, Mineral and Attractants, Quality is our #1 concern. Growing, Attracting, Keeping, and Harvesting mature whitetails on your property is serious business. We will continue to provide cutting edge products, people, and service to meet your needs.  If you have any questions please contact us so we can help you be more successful.

Thank you for choosing Antler King Trophy Products!

Good luck hunting!