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Coated Seed vs. Non-Coated Seed — 5 Comments

  1. Used your mini-max blend this spring and my food plot looks better than ever before and the wild life thinks so too! You have won me over and will pass the word. would you have any promo gear I could proudly display or wear ? Thank you, Bill Brugger—- 529 slinger rd #2 Slinger, wi 53086

    • Hi Bill,
      Thank you for your comment and we are glad that your food plot is doing well. We are sending you out some of decals, you should receive them in a couple of days. Thank you, Antler King

  2. I’m having difficulty growing basil, swisschard, red beets and carrots from seed. I’ve replanted them several times without germination. My transplants are thriving. What’s wrong?

    • Have you been precise on seed depth, pH and using the proper fertilizer? Typically when we see germination issues with plants and Mother Nature has been fairly cooperative the issue is with seeds being planted too deep or pH that is too low to allow the seeds/plants to absorb enough nutrients to grow and thrive.

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