Antler King ® Planting Food Plots From A-Z DVD




Finally there is a DVD that tells you everything you need to know about planting food plots. Antler King’s Planting Food Plots From A-Z DVD used nearly 20 years of research and trial and error to create a food plot DVD that anyone can learn from. Whether you have a complete line of farm equipment, just an ATV or no equipment at all, we will show you how to be successful. Topics covered include: Why, When, How, What, and where to plant a food plot. Whether you are planting a food plot for the first time or have been doing it for years, Antler King’s Planting Food Plots From A-Z will help everyone have more successful food plots. As a special bonus we have included two bonus Whitetail hunts filmed over Antler King food plots.

  • Why you should plant food plots
  • How much and what to plant
  • Where to plant
  • When to plant
  • How to figure food plot size
  • Taking a soil test
  • And much much more!
  • Duration approximately 67 minutes.


  1. Pat McFadden

    I ordered this DVD because I am never too old to learn and I like to see someone else’s perspective. It was great to see all of the topics covered from why you should plant, how much and what to plant, where to plant, when to plant, how to figure food plot size and how to take a soil test; all great information. Whether you are a seasoned food plot veteran or a beginner at the food plot game this is a must have; highly recommended!

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