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Food Plot Strategies — 10 Comments

  1. We have put down mostly your clover seed in out plots and mixed it up with your turnip seed as well. What type of fertilizer do you recommend. We have 13/13/13 more available at out coop in town but I can order what we need to better our plots. Growing great, thanks for your help

    • Thanks Justin! We appreciate it. If you can find a 5-15-30 that will help the clover plots nicely…if 13-13-13 is all that is available that will work as well. You might also want to take a look at our Jolt Foliar Fertilizer…once plants are at least 3″ tall this can be applied to help maximize growth and forage.

  2. Just wondering what can a person spray on this kind of food plot to kill weeds and not the food plot. Thanks bob

    • Typically your only option with a mix like this is a grass only killer w/ clethodim in it. If you decided to do that I would recommend mixing it with JOLT as well.

  3. I have the slam dunk mix and I don’t have any triple 19 fertilizer near me is there any other type that will work good to or what?

  4. Its supposed to rain the day after I plan to spray Jolt, is that ok? Or will the rain wash it away? When is the ideal time weather wise to spray Jolt?

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